Assistance for secondary school students

Gameplan is the leader in our field in providing language and learning support to secondary aged students. We achieve this by targeting four areas at once in sessions:

  1. to address the underlying language and learning difficulties that prevent school success;
  2. to provide direct support with assessments and tasks to ease the burden of homework;
  3. to train the student to use the evidence based strategies that work; and
  4. work on educational weaknesses through identification of individual strengths and interests

Secondary school is challenging but Gameplan is there to lighten the load and foster life-long learning. This is why we work with adults in post-secondary settings, including elite athletes. So, not only do we prepare students to tackle the challenges of VCE with enthusiasm and confidence, we prepare them with the skills necessary to undertake TAFE and university courses that align with their passions and interests. Our sole aim is to provide students, of any age, with their Gameplan for language, learning and life.


Gameplan can help:

Speech and Language

  • language development and comprehension skills
  • sentence construction
  • speech therapy
  • voice therapy
  • social skills development
  • vocabulary development

Reading, writing & spelling

  • explicit reading instruction (advanced phonics)
  • reading comprehension strategies
  • spelling
  • grammar and punctuation
  • writing genres/text-types, e.g. personal recounts, narratives, essays
  • sentence construction
  • planning, composing, revising and editing writing
  • vocabulary development
  • handwriting skills
  • oral presentations
  • reading fluency
  • editing skills


  • tutoring from Years 7 to 9
  • number (whole number, fractions, decimals, ratio, percentages, powers, algebra)
  • space (shape, scale drawings, maps, angles)
  • measurement, chance and data (length, perimeter, area, mass, volume, capacity, area, perimeter)

Tutoring & Curriculum

  • English Years 7-10 and VCE
  • Mathematics Years 7-9
  • VCE Literature Years 7-10 and VCE
  • Foundation English
  • VCAL Literacy and Numeracy
  • History Years 7-10 and VCE
  • Humanities Years 7-10
  • Australian History
  • Legal Studies
  • Business Management

Evaluation & Testing

  • speech and language assessments
  • learning difficulties assessments
  • funding assessments
  • NAPLAN preparation
  • scholarship preparation
  • subject test preparation

School Liaison and Individual Education Plans

  • Student Support Group Meetings (SSG)
  • individual education plan development in conjunction with parents and school staff

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