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Learning and language difficulties in children and adolescents can present themselves in ways that are sometimes not immediately clear. Your primary school child may be having trouble concentrating in class, or your teenager may be struggling with organisation and studying for exams. Both of these and a myriad of other issues could stem from difficulties with language processing or learning skills.

Gameplan can help. 

Our therapists are across the school curriculum and are experts in their field. We work with students, their families and their educators using evidence-based therapies to develop the skills required for learning now and beyond their school years. 

Your free initial consultation will consist of: 

  • an introductory phone call; 
  • a meeting with Olivia Connelly with a full review of previous assessment, school reports and case history information; and
  • a suggested plan for intervention and answers to any questions you may have. 

Please note this initial consultation does not include standardised testing.

After the consultation, you will leave with a clear understanding of a plan for you and your child based on their strengths and areas of need.

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