What we do

Our caring team of therapists employ the latest in evidence-based therapies to support our clients and their families as they build their skills and confidence in learning, language and literacy. 

There is never a “one size fits all” approach to language and learning disorders. Every child, adolescent and adult who seeks help from Gameplan is treated as the unique individual they are. Whether we are helping a primary school student or an elite sportsperson, our collaborative approach delivers long term results beyond school and beyond the game. 



Speech & Language

Our team of speech-language therapists are experienced in assessing and treating speech and language disorders in all age groups.

Reading & Spelling

Reading instruction, phonics, comprehension and construction all form part of a range of strategies our therapists and educators employ in improving literacy

Numeracy & Mathematics

For our students, we work alongside the curriculum in all areas of maths comprehension and number skills.

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We offer a free no-obligation first consultation at our Collingwood practice, during which we can explore the difficulties your child is having and how we can best assist.