Speech & Language


As a registered speech language pathology practice, Gameplan Education Strategies can assist with speech and language difficulties with children from 5 years of age to adults. We specialise in the areas of:

  • Articulation (speech sounds) Disorder is an inability to correctly produce speech sounds (phonemes) due to inaccurate positioning, timing, pressure, speed or flow of movement of the lips, tongue or throat. When individuals experience articulation difficulties, they have difficulty producing and using age-appropriate sounds.
  • Receptive (understanding) Language Delay is a difficulty in understanding spoken language. Difficulties can include challenges with following simple and complex instructions, basic concepts, comprehending the grammatical rules of language, understanding what words mean, maintaining attention and following details in a story
  • Expressive Language Disorder is a difficulty in expressing thoughts and ideas coherently. Individuals with these challenges may experience difficulties in connecting ideas with words in sentences. Characteristics of this disorder may be a reduction in sentence length, poor story recall, improper sentence structure, poor word choice, difficulty retrieving words and poor use of grammatical rules.