Testimonials from our clients

Amy (Parent)

Gameplan were referred to me by Dr Carl Parsons, via Shine, a foundation that runs programs for children with severe learning difficulties.  My youngest daughter Tasula has a range of severe learning problems including dyslexia, auditory processing, speech and memory issues. Until Gameplan, we had managed to diagnose these problems, but were unable to work out how to provide her with the integrated support and additional one on one intervention of therapy, working within the school system and or alongside her teachers and carers.

Thanks to Gameplan being able to work collaboratively with the school, and provide that extra resource and support, we have a wonderful team made up of school staff and Gameplan specialists. We have  a development and learning strategy for Tasula that involves everyone working toward the same goals, week in week out, and Tasula getting one on one time both outside and inside the classroom. The difference has been enormous.

Both the school and Gameplan staff have a great rapport and the one little person who matters is the centre of everyone's interests.  My job as her mother is to champion her and make sure we are all aligned and working together. However, I do not have the skills to teach her how to overcome her difficulties and knew we needed a plan.

Now we have a gameplan to track and monitor her goals.  We meet quarterly to assess how she is doing and we are making progress.  And finally, the relief and joy I feel in seeing such dedicated and wonderful support from Gameplan is immeasurable.


Harry (Student)


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Lynne (Parent)

Maedbh loves going to Gameplan every week and she really looks forward to it. Since seeing Gameplan for nearly a year her reading, writing and maths has improved significantly (she went up two years level in the last year) and she is a lot more confident at school. Gameplan specialists have worked closely with Maedbh’s teacher and with me, as the parent. We couldn't be happier with the tutoring and really appreciate the school-integrated, collaborative approach.

Monique (Parent)

I was worried that my son wouldn't enjoy the sessions but he loves coming every week.  Gameplan has been fantastic in helping Mitch with his literacy and he is making good progress.  As well, his confidence has really improved. Everyone at Gameplan is so welcoming and supportive!!

Useful Organisations

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Shine http://www.shine.org.au/

Speech Pathology Australia http://www.speechpathologyaustralia.org.au/