Teacher training
and school programs

As a teacher, you are crucial to ensuring your students achieve their potential and we understand you need strategies you can immediately implement in your classrooms. We provide professional development in:

  • Developing oral language abilities in the classroom
  • Working in collaboration with parents to devise effective Individual Education Plans
  • Evidence based strategies that work for the classroom
  • Why phonics isn’t enough? Developing semantic, orthographic and morphological competence in learners
  • Targeting reading through spelling; a speech to print approach
  • Using standardised assessment to identify SLD

Gameplan provide the following services:

  • Professional Development for teachers (for example, Language & Literacy Workshops and lectures)
  • lunchtime groups for children i.e. social skills, voice/singing workshops
  • individual and group therapy sessions for students
  • classroom based therapy
  • informational counselling to teachers
  • voice care workshops for teachers
  • standardised assessment and reporting for funding purposes