Assistance for primary school students

It’s Gameplan’s unique approach that makes us different. During sessions, your therapist will target four areas concurrently to:

  1. Address the underlying language and learning difficulties as identified in assessment with specialist interventions;
  2. Provide primary curriculum and tutoring support so students get the help they need with tasks and assessments;
  3. Teach evidence based strategies and methodologies to prepare the student for the demands of secondary school
  4. Work on educational weaknesses through identification of individual strengths and interests

We pride ourselves on comprehensively supporting all language, learning and educational needs. Because we work across all age groups, including VCE, we understand the curriculum goals that students need to acquire at every year level. With our in-depth knowledge of secondary settings, not only do we support students with the primary curriculum, but we also ensure that they develop the skills necessary for secondary school.

We work tirelessly to get to know our clients, to develop long term relationships, to make our sessions highly engaging and to reinvigorate a love of learning. We’ll provide help and support across the student’s entire educational journey. We will be there to provide them with their Gameplan for language, learning and life.


Gameplan can help:

Speech & Language

  • listening skills
  • language development and comprehension skills
  • sentence construction
  • speech therapy
  • voice therapy
  • social skills
  • vocabulary development

Reading, writing and spelling

  • explicit reading instruction (phonics)
  • reading comprehension strategies
  • reading fluency
  • spelling
  • grammar and punctuation
  • writing genres/text-types, e.g. personal recounts, narratives, essays
  • sentence construction
  • planning, composing, revising and editing writing
  • vocabulary development
  • handwriting skills
  • oral presentations

Numeracy (mathematics)

  • number skills
  • operations
  • times tables
  • fractions
  • decimals
  • time
  • measurement

Tutoring and Curriculum

We offer tutoring and curriculum services that are aligned with the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) in

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Civics and Citizenship
  • Communication
  • The Humanities (Economics, Geography and History)
  • Information and communications technology

Evaluation and Testing

  • speech and language assessments
  • learning difficulties assessments
  • funding assessments
  • NAPLAN preparation
  • scholarship preparation
  • subject test preparation

School Liaison and Individual Education Plans

  • Student Support Group Meetings (SSG)
  • individual education plan development in conjunction with parents and school staff

We also educate families about...

  • social skills that are the foundation for language development
  • fun, evidenced based strategies to enhance speaking and listening skills in the home
  • effective reading, writing and spelling activities to implement at home
  • home-based programs to parents to administer
  • incorporating the latest language and learning technologies into your child’s program i.e. helpful iPad applications and computer programs

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