Frequently Asked Questions

How do we start?

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to know where to begin. We’re pleased to offer new clients a free first consultation - a no obligation way for you to meet us and see what you think. We have further information about what’s included here.

What’s the process?

1. Pick up the phone and call Olivia on 9417 3099
2. Chat to Olivia about your concerns
3. Book in a time for a free consultation and receive your Gameplan for learning
4. Speech-language pathologists will conduct any necessary assessments in order to create targeted goals for intervention
5. Weekly sessions begin with detailed progress notes emailed to you
6. Progress is reviewed each week
7. Goals reviewed each term

What happens during a therapy session?

Our sessions typically involve:
- Targeted language, literacy and numeracy intervention devised in conjunction with school reports, educational assessments and any other relevant reports;
- An individualised program based on your child’s particular needs;
- 50 minutes of individual support with a specialist provider;
- Use of the latest research and evidence based approaches;
- Regular updates, consultation and advice for parents;
- A team based approach to intervention in liaison with schools and specialists if requested; and
- A weekly progress report delivered to parents and, if required, teachers.

My child has some social problems, can Gameplan help?

Our speech-language therapists are qualified to address any social difficulties your child or teenager may have. We can equip children and adolescents with strategies and resources to help them interact with their peers and manage social situations.

Does Gameplan assist with NAPLAN planning?

Yes, we support students to prepare for NAPLAN two ways: by working with students on NAPLAN style questions and by teaching effective learning strategies in reading and comprehension for curriculum success overall.

How long does a therapy session go for?

Therapy sessions are 25 or 50 minutes long. During this time, our clients receive targeted, evidence-based intervention, tailored to their learning needs as identified by standardised assessment, through fun and meaningful activities.

Does the Gameplan practice have a psychologist on the team?

No, but we refer to a preferred database of Educational Psychologists who are experts in their fields.

Does Gameplan run workshops for parents?

Yes, we run workshops and parent evening to present on the latest developments in language, reading and writing. Let us know about topics of interest to you and we can schedule a workshop.

Does Gameplan run workshops for kids/students?

Currently, we offer tailored sessions in a one-to-one setting, but we can also offer holiday programs for students with language or social skills difficulties.

I’m not sure if my child has dyslexia, can Gameplan help?

Yes, reading difficulties are our special area of interest. Our experienced team will conduct a thorough assessment of all areas of literacy and language in order to identify your child's strengths and challenges. We will offer specific recommendations to your child's teacher on how your child can be best supported in their learning. After identifying relevant and achievable goals for your child, we can provide weekly sessions in the clinic or at your child's school. We pride ourselves on our evidence-based practice, particularly in the areas of language and learning disabilities.

Can Gameplan help with pre-school children?

Yes, we work with pre-school children in the area of articulation and language development.

What are Gameplan’s current fees?

We are happy to provide a schedule of our latest fees during your first consultation or please contact us and we’ll email you a copy.

Can we have our sessions at our home or school?

We are available to travel to school or home premises, however a travel fee must be applied to all sessions. The fee will be determined and mutually agreed upon according to the time it takes to travel from our Collingwood clinic to your preferred location.

What are your payment options?

Gameplan accepts payment via credit card (VISA/Mastercard), EFTPOS, direct bank transfer and HICAPS.

Does Gameplan have HICAPS?

Private health fund (if your health fund is registered) and eligible Medicare claims can be automatically processed by Gameplan’s electronic HICAPS terminal at the Gameplan clinic. Once your claim is authorised, you simply pay the gap amount – the difference between the full fee and the amount rebated from your health fund or Medicare.

What happens if I cancel or fail to attend a session?

We appreciate that on occasion you will need to cancel your scheduled session with Gameplan. Whilst we are supportive of providing this flexibility, any cancellations received with less than 24 hours’ notice will now incur a $39.50 (GST inc.) fee. We will continue to provide the opportunity for any cancelled session with more than 24 hours’ notice to be re-scheduled with your Gameplan consultant as a make-up session. Failure to attend a scheduled session without any prior notification to your Gameplan consultant will result in the forfeiture of that session.

What are Gameplan’s opening hours?

Our clinic opening hours are:
Monday to Friday: 7.30am to 7.30pm
Saturday: 9.00am to 3.00pm