Support for VCE Years 11 and 12

Gameplan supports students undertaking their Year 11 and 12 studies and has a proven track record of helping students to achieve the scores necessary for their chosen fields of study.

We provide tutoring services for curriculum based support provided by instructors trained in research supported methodologies. Our talented therapists work weekly with the student to prepare them for upcoming SACs and examinations, not only for the demands of their assessment tasks, but for the language, reading and writing demands of TAFE, university and professional life.

Sometimes, a student embarking on their final years of schooling may present with difficulties in language, reading and/or writing that require more investigation. In these cases, we use standardised assessment to identify the underlying causes for the difficulties, then create individualised learning plans geared to support the student with the demands of their curriculum whilst also targeting the areas of difficulty. In this way, we not only support the student to achieve their best in their VCE, but also address the underlying causes of concern.