About our practice


A gameplan for life

We know that speech, language and literacy acquisition is a continuum that extends from birth right through to adulthood, which is why we take the lifelong connection between speech, language, literacy and learning very seriously.  We believe that language and literacy development is the most important thing that your child will learn at school.


A collaborative approach

We know that parents play the most important role in a child’s development and that the majority of children’s speaking and listening happens at home with family and friends. We work with the family, educating about language and literacy and providing you with a toolbox of strategies to work on at home. We also work with educators to ensure a consistent approach as children learn best when the specialists, families and schools work together to achieve common goals.


A team of specialists

Our therapists not only have an in-depth understanding of school curriculum, they are also trained in the language and literacy foundations that underpin all school subjects. If you want the experts who can build up the fundamentals that your child is missing whilst incorporating grade appropriate curriculum work, then we can help you.


A commitment to your child's future

We work with you to determine whether your child may benefit most from individual, group, or a home program implemented by you. Regardless of the program, you can help to support your child’s learning by: ensuring regular attendance; sharing information about your child with us and other educators; talking about what you want your child to learn; being involved in regular learning activities involving listening and talking; and working on learning goals at home.