Saskia Hammond


Education Consultant
BA, DipEd

Saskia is a qualified secondary teacher with 10 years of teaching experience. She specialises in the subject areas of English, Literature and Media Studies, with extensive knowledge of the VCE curriculum and initiatives for education in the Middle Years.

Saskia spent four years teaching in London in a wide range of school environments. During this time she was immersed in international strategies for improving literacy standards for students with diverse backgrounds. Of all her experiences in London, she is especially proud of her work towards significantly improving the literacy of girls with African and Afro-Caribbean backgrounds, and her success at running a vibrant Media Studies department.

Saskia’s current practices in the Victorian school system give her up to date knowledge of curriculum and assessment developments and initiatives. Her specialty areas include essay writing skills, time management and organisational strategies, and an extensive knowledge of adolescent fiction and classic literature.

Saskia recently spent more than two years as a Year 7 and 8 Coordinator, igniting a particular passion and skill for working with students and parents on an individual basis. She is experienced in working with parents, educators and school support staff to improve the learning experience for each individual and strives for excellence in teaching and learning by practising positive, challenging and varied strategies to enhance student engagement and understanding. Saskia has particular zeal and commitment to the education of girls.