Is your child struggling to keep up at school? Are they experiencing anxiety around school work or interacting with other children? Are they avoiding school work and falling behind in maths or writing? Perhaps they’re lacking confidence and finding it difficult to start new conversations or maintain friendships? These issues are not uncommon in school aged children, but with the right help, there are many strategies that can assist to help make school more enjoyable.

With our range of fun and engaging holiday programs, you can give your child a head start coming into the next school term.  Equip them with new-found skills and confidence across communication, writing and maths with our workshops in:

Our programs are evidence-based, tailored to the needs of each individual participant and provide exceptional value.

We cap our groups to a maximum of 6 participants. Programs are delivered by highly experienced Gameplan special educators and speech therapists who genuinely care about enhancing the performance of the individuals they work with.



Figuring out the social world can be very confusing for people of any age. In our sessions, we provide a supportive and caring environment for students to grow their self-awareness and self-esteem, learn to understand and use their body language appropriately, develop conversational and friendship skills. We help participants to increase their flexible thinking for social situations.

"Gameplan's staff at Conversation Club are nice, funny and understanding. They listen to everyone and try to get everyone's ideas; they are really helpful."

Dates: 4 x 1.5hr sessions held in January 2020

Does your child exhibit any of the following social behaviours? Then our Conversation Club is for you.

Do they:

  • Struggle with peer relationships

  • Feel isolated at school

  • Get in trouble

  • Bully or show aggression towards others

  • Have low self-esteem and confidence

  • Get bullied or are too passive in group situations

  • Have trouble interacting with others

  • Show discomfort in social situations

Key Focus Areas

  • Building and maintaining friendships

  • Starting conversations and keeping them going

  • Problem solving and dealing with conflict

  • Communicating effectively

  • Understanding assertiveness/passiveness

  • Conversation piggy backing

  • Being wrong

  • Working together


  • Suitable for primary and early secondary students

  • Small groups with two speech therapists

  • Rebates available


If your child has great ideas but struggles to organise them in stories, essays and other written projects, or has difficulty with spelling and comprehension, our Writing Program is for them.

Writing is a highly complex activity that involves many subskills that must each be individually mastered. Our programs aim to target the gaps in your child’s writing to help them acquire the skills necessary for confident writing across many genres. We also help our participants to attend to the connection between oral language and written expression to help develop fluency and detail in their writing.

Dates: 4 x 1hr sessions held in January 2020


  • Sentence structure and punctuation

  • Developing formal academic vocabulary and adding detail

  • Planning, drafting and editing strategies

  • Using graphic organisers and other scaffolds

  • Paragraph structure and coherence

  • Narratives, persuasives and other genres

  • VCE text study

  • Study skills, note-taking, summarising and revision skills


  • Primary and secondary groups available

  • Small group instruction with experienced therapists

  • Rebates available

"It’s so helpful. The kids enjoyed themselves with you and I’m definitely going to keep it going."

Our Maths Program is suitable for both primary and early secondary students. Focus areas for each group include:


We love helping kids with maths. We make it fun! Whether it's help with timestables, fractions or worded problems, Gameplan’s evidence based, direct instructional approach provides systematic instruction (with plenty of games thrown in!) aimed to increase success and enjoyment in maths.

"Thanks so much for accommodating the boys in the Maths program these holidays. They got a good boost. So did I, to be honest."

**Dates: 4 x 1hr sessions held in January 2020**


  • Tailored intervention for the specific needs of your child

  • Number sense, place value and operations

  • Worded problems

  • Fractions, algebra and more!


  • Suitable for years 3 to 8

  • Small group instruction with experienced consultants

Our Maths Program is suitable for both primary and early secondary students. Focus areas for each group include:


Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Of course, if you need any other information, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d only be too happy to help.

Will the programs help my child improve at school?

Absolutely. We address the gaps that classrooms can’t fill, using standardised assessments and research supported tools to identify and target learning gaps with effective tools that will achieve results.

Busy classrooms often do not have time to go back and teach the fundamentals that students miss along the way. We provide an opportunity to do this in a fun yet targeted and efficient way.

To ensure long term success, we can also help guide the teachers at your child’s school. Our Speech Pathologists are able to use specialised assessments to pinpoint exactly what your child needs to achieve greater success. We can then talk to teachers about how best to implement these in classrooms (and playgrounds) if necessary.

How is Gameplan qualified to help my child?

Gameplan has been successfully operating for over 11 years, parents can rest assured that we are using our expertise gained from working with hundreds of students to tailor, adapt and individualise intervention that is right for your child. There is plenty of non-evidence based advice being sold in education but Gameplan works closely with both Melbourne and Monash universities to ensure that what we deliver is driven by research into practice.

On top of that, all of our clinicians hold Masters level qualifications which means that they are specialists in their fields. They know what strategies work and work fast.

The academic component sounds great, but Are the programs still fun?

Of course! Holiday programs are supposed to be fun and ours are no different! Our intervention is embedded in activities that are game based and ALL of the activities are engaging and interesting. Think of us as personal trainers for your child’s brain - activities are fun, targeted and results driven. Our staff love working with your kids, too!

Is there any ongoing support available after the program?

Yes, this is something we pride ourselves on. We work hard on our relationships with parents to build a team of support around the child for the long term. We will continue to provide advice, support and ideas for intervention after the conclusion of the program. You become part of the Gameplan family.

The programs aren't cheap. I'm not sure they're affordable.

Studies show that gaps in learning only increase in size over time. The earlier intervention is provided, the faster the problems may be overcome. Our specialists are able to utilise assessments that teachers cannot which means you and your child will receive the most effective, targeted, individualised learning plan available. To help easy the financial burden, we are NDIS registered and offer Medicare and private health rebates.

How long do the programs run?

Our programs are short and sweet! 1hr a day over 4 days is a small time investment. We make every minute count by using tools that have been proven by research to be effective. We can help your child make important gains within this time-frame.

What other benefits do your programs offer?

Quite a few, actually.

Reduced anxiety - students with gaps in their learning often feel increased anxiety because they cannot keep up. We help reduce feelings of anxiety by filling the gaps.

Increased confidence - we teach skills that kids need for academic success. When students can go into a classroom and know what to do, they feel empowered and more confident

Improved grades - we work with individuals from Foundation to VCE and tertiary so we know what they need to learn and how to get there fast.