With our range of fun and engaging holiday programs, give your child a head start coming into the next school term.  Equip them with new-found skills and confidence across communication, writing and maths:

Our programs are evidence-based, tailored to the needs of each individual participant and provide exceptional value.

We cap our groups to a maximum of 6 participants. Programs are delivered by highly trained and qualified Gameplan therapists who genuinely care about enhancing the performance of the individuals they work with.

Upcoming programs will be held in the Sep/Oct school holidays.


Gameplan’s staff at Conversation Club are nice, funny and understanding. They listen to everyone and try to get everyone’s ideas; they are really helpful.


Our Conversation Club empowers children to make friends, build confidence in conversation and expand their social thinking. The program is run in a fun, safe and supported environment, where we explore key themes through movies, books, role play, discussion and games.

Dates: 4 x 1.5hr sessions held in the upcoming Sep/Oct school holidays.

Key Focus Areas

  • Building and maintaining friendships

  • Starting conversations and keeping them going

  • Problem solving and dealing with conflict

  • Communicating effectively


  • Suitable for primary and early secondary students

  • Small groups with two speech therapists

  • Rebates available

It’s so helpful. The kids enjoyed themselves with you and I’m definitely going to keep it going.


Effective writing is the result of executive functioning skills working together in unison with explicit strategies to plan, organise and write. We will also help our participants to attend to the connection between oral language and written expression to help develop fluency and detail in their writing.

Dates: 4 x 1hr sessions held in the upcoming Sep/Oct school holidays.


  • Tailored intervention for the specific needs of your child

  • Phonemic awareness and structured synthetic phonics

  • Grammar and vocabulary

  • Narratives, persuasives and more!


  • Primary and secondary groups available

  • Small group instruction with experienced therapists

  • Rebates available

Thanks so much for accommodating the boys in the Maths program these holidays. They got a good boost. So did I, to be honest.


We love helping kids with maths. We make it fun! Gameplan’s evidence based, direct instructional approach provides systematic instruction (with plenty of games thrown in!) aimed to increase success and enjoyment in maths.

Dates: 4 x 1hr sessions held in the upcoming Sep/Oct school holidays.


  • Tailored intervention for the specific needs of your child

  • Number sense, place value and operations

  • Worded problems

  • Fractions, algebra and more!


  • Suitable for years 3 to 8

  • Small group instruction with experienced consultants