Game on! Superfight, a game review

Here at Gameplan we love to play. Card games, board games, physical games, word games, games of the imagination – you name it, and we'll probably have played it! That's why we're so excited to present our first game review, and it's a cracker. Superfight already has heaps of fans, from comic book lovers to computer game players, and all you need to join the buzz is a bit of imagination, the power to convince other people – and the will to win!

Speech Pathology Australia - observations from the 2015 National Conference

In 2015, three members of our team attended the Speech Pathology Australia national conference held in Canberra. A large portion of the conference focussed on the relationship between oral language and literacy so we were pretty keen to get all the latest news and information on evidence based practice for our clients. 

APPealing and APPropriate APPs for students

Apps are an excellent way to support students with language and learning difficulties at home. They are also an effective way to engage students who are turned off from the traditional methods of instruction. However, we have found that apps can promise a lot and deliver very little. We have also learned that many educational apps are not “set and forget”.