Holiday activities and tips for secondary school students


Whether or not you, or your child, are just starting high school in 2015, holidays are a time to reflect and to prepare for the year to come. Here are some tips on how to get organised and ready for 2015:

1. Read the prescribed English novels!

This is really important for understanding of the key concepts and ideas in the novels. Reading the novels more than once helps you understand the content better and prepare for assignments. If you’ve got a really difficult novel, ask your parents to read it at the same time as you and this will allow you to discuss the plot and clarify anything you are unsure of.

2. Use audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great accessory to your reading toolkit. Audiobooks can be a time-efficient way to ‘read.’ When traveling, listen to the novels on your iPad or iPhone. The Audible by Amazon App allows you to listen to books on the go (get here). 

 3. E-books

If you have school textbooks with Jacaranda as the publisher, this App allows you to have the e-book version on your iPad for easy access. This stops you from lugging textbooks home each day. Make sure to keep your log in details at hand, though!

4. Organisation and shopping for stationery

Being organised is a very important skill for high school and beyond. We recommend having a different coloured folder for each subject. Within this, have a notebook, loose-leaf paper and plastic pockets to keep handouts in. Optionally, use a zip binder to keep everything together.  Write all your notes in the workbook to avoid having loose paper everywhere.

5. Some other great ideas and apps

Red Herring

Red Herring is a vocabulary game where players are required to group words into categories. It can be challenging at times – but also quite addictive!

Chain of thought

Chain of thought requires players to match words that have an association, so you can create a chain of words. You can play single player, or there is a pass and play option and also an online playing version. Be careful – it can be a bit ‘American’ at times.


Beat the clock and spell as many words as you can! Wurdle requires players to find as many words as they can by connecting letter tiles. You can play against the clock, or against another play in split screen mode. This app can be modified to include a smaller or larger number of letters or to give players a longer amount of time to play.

Board games to play with the family

  • Smart Ass
  • Cranium
  • Articulate Board Game
  • Scrabble
  • Boggle

Gameplan wishes you a wonderful festive season and a great start to the New Year. Enjoy the holidays!