Game on! Superfight, a game review

Superfight image.png

Here at Gameplan we love to play. Card games, board games, physical games, word games, games of the imagination – you name it, and we'll probably have played it! That's why we're so excited to present our first game review, and it's a cracker. Superfight already has heaps of fans, from comic book lovers to computer game players, and all you need to join the buzz is a bit of imagination, the power to convince other people – and the will to win!

What: SUPERFIGHT is a hilarious game of ‘absurd arguments’ by Darin Ross, published by Skybound. It’s a card game that involves a lot of talking, with the aim being to win an argument against your friends.

How: You’re given character cards, and then super power cards to attach to the characters. Be careful! Not all super powers are good. Your job is to persuade your opponent why your character would win in a fight!

                                Iron Man – 3 stories tall – Really clumsy


                                T-Rex – Has X-Ray vision – Can fly if nobody is watching

Who: Upper primary and above

When: The clinicians at Gameplan use SUPERFIGHT as a fun therapy tool to enhance oral persuasive language. In particular it targets:

  • Generating ideas
  • Organising clear arguments
  • Using specific vocabulary
  • Using language to persuade

These skills are fundamental for persuasive essays.

Why: SUPERFIGHT is a fun and exciting way to engage students in our sessions at Gameplan.


Let us know what you think of Superfight – or any another favourite game. We’d love to hear what you like to play, and might even challenge you to a game one day!