Becca Foster


Speech-Language Pathologist

Becca is a Speech-Language Pathologist who graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Speech Pathology at Latrobe University.

Becca has experience working with primary and secondary school-age students in the areas of language, literacy, and articulation. Trained in the implementation of the Lidcombe Program, Becca also has experience providing stuttering therapy with children.

Bringing a passion for literacy and language development to her sessions, Becca is enthusiastic about helping children and adolescents to thrive and succeed.

Becca is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist (CPSP) with Speech Pathology Australia.

In 2016 Freya was recognised by The Autism Association of South Australia (Autism SA) as able to provide diagnostic services for children, adolescents and adults suspected of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder.