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What is Gameplan Education and why write a blog?

Gameplan Education Strategies grew out of my desire to support people with learning challenges. I wanted to create a safe space where kids and adults could let their guards down, be vulnerable and allow caring and qualified practitioners to help them to create a 'gameplan' for success.

Game on! Superfight, a game review

Here at Gameplan we love to play. Card games, board games, physical games, word games, games of the imagination – you name it, and we'll probably have played it! That's why we're so excited to present our first game review, and it's a cracker. Superfight already has heaps of fans, from comic book lovers to computer game players, and all you need to join the buzz is a bit of imagination, the power to convince other people – and the will to win!

Procedural writing is a piece of cake

Procedural writing is a piece of cake

But why do we 'knead' it?

Procedural writing provides a reader with instructions or directions for doing something, such as following a recipe or a science experiment, or the rules of a game. It is a critical writing skill and an important stepping stone to more complex writing tasks, such as persuasive writing.